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What did you use to make this website?

I used a website server called WordPress. It’s actually very nice and gives you a lot more customization then a lot of other websites.

Did it cost anything to make this website?

WordPress has a free option, but if you want a custom ‘.com’ the cheapest plan is about 3$ a month.

What do you use to draw?

The program I currently use is Photoshop Elements 9; The drawing tablet is a Wacom Intuos (pen and touch) small.

How long have you been drawing?

As long as I could hold a pencil, but just picked up digital art about three years ago. I’ve always loved creating things, and anything you can make up in your mind, you can draw!


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  1. hey I’m from scratch… @Cupcake321543 Just wondering… did you have to pay for this website? or is it free?


    1. Oh hi there! Yes, I did have to pay for this to do certain things. Like remove adds and have my own domain name. But there is actually a good free option on WordPress. You could check it out if you like!


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